Since I was a teenager I have had chronic allergies, where nothing could help. Then I found Family Allergy Clinic and thought it couldn't hurt to visit them and see if there was anything they could do to help my allergies. My allergies have improved 99%, I no longer have bad allergy attacks, and my asthma has also improved since starting weekly shots. The office staff are very friendly and helpful too! 

After being diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma several years ago I was prescribed several medications in order to be able to continue training for triathlons and half marathons. I still had asthma flareups and even experienced a serious asthma attack in the middle of the 15 K. race. I began seeing Dr. Page in January and immediately began allergy shots. Very soon after I began to notice I needed the medications less and less. My quality-of-life and my athletic training have greatly improved thanks to Dr. Page and the allergy shots 

I've been getting allergy shots at Family Allergy Clinic for several years and it has changed my life. I only have to go every 3 weeks now, I never have to take extra allergy medicines and I feel great. 

Before taking allergy shots I was getting a sinus infection at least once a month. Have not had a sinus infection since starting shots. Also off Nasonex, and Advair- asthma is gone. 

I have noticed a huge improvement since my initial rush therapy [“rush immunotherapy” is a daylong procedure where allergy shots can control symptoms in as little as one day, versus 6 months in the traditional program]. I have a much lower sensitivity to my seasonal allergies. My symptoms typically peaked in the spring and in the fall. I can go outside without sinus issues and itchy eyes I had before treatment. I have not had to take an antihistamine for my allergy since my rush therapy with Dr. Page. 

Dr. Page has been treating my daughter’s allergies for the past 9 months. Since we have been coming to the office my daughter’s symptoms have dramatically decreased. We have been able to eliminate several over-the-counter medications for treating seasonal allergies. And overall her health has greatly improved. Dr. Page and his staff are always extremely caring and professional. The staff has always been very understanding of my daughter’s initial fears concerning shots. Now my daughter receives her weekly allergy shots without fear or anxiety thanks to the kindness Dr. Page and his staff have provided. I would recommend Dr. Page and has wonderful staff to anyone considering allergy treatment. 

I have been a patient at Family Allergy Clinic for over a year, receiving treatment for both allergies and asthma. The injections I am receiving have improved my quality-of-life. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Page takes the time to listen to his patients and works with them to find the treatment best suited for them. His staff is caring and courteous as well as well-informed. I also appreciate the fact that getting my allergy shots at Dr. Page's office is a quick process not taking a lot of time from my days. 

Dr. Page's office has been wonderful to work with. My headaches and asthma are now controlled and my allergy systems are in check since I began allergy shots. I would highly recommend him to anyone. 

I have suffered with allergies my whole life. I tried every single medication over-the-counter and prescriptions. They have always left me so tired, groggy and I still had no relief in my allergy symptoms. After my initial "rush" treatment, and weekly and biweekly shots, I feel like I can go outside without having an allergy attack. Now, mowing the grass doesn't bother me. I am able to be near my dogs without sneezing and my eyes watering. My whole quality of life has dramatically improved and I feel like I can live without having to worry when my next allergy attack is. Thank you, Dr. Page and staff for always being so nice and eager to please-but more importantly for helping me live again. 

I just wanted to share my experience since I've been coming for over a year now. Let me start out by saying the staff are wonderful. I’m always greeted with a warm smile from each and every one of them. Dr. Page is extremely knowledgeable and caring toward his patients. Since starting my allergy shots, I can truly say that I have noticed an improvement in my allergy symptoms when the seasons change. Dr. Page helped me understand what allergens and food allergens trigger allergic reactions for me. I would recommend Family Allergy Clinic to my family and friends who have problems with their allergies. Keep up the good work Family Allergy Clinic 

My experience with the allergy shots has been amazing. I don't sleep with Kleenex anymore by my bed or hardly take over-the-counter medication either. The allergy shots have really changed my life since I gets sick less. They have also helped with my asthma triggers and I only use my inhaler like once a year. I would definitely recommend anyone who suffers from allergies to see Dr. Page. He and his staff are wonderful people who really care about their patients. They always make me feel comfortable and I can ask them any questions or concerns. They always make me feel welcomed when I come into the office for my shot. The even call me by my nickname and joke around with me and I see them as my friends. 

I wanted to write you a brief letter to let you know how much I appreciate Dr. Page and all the staff at The Allergy Center. Since my first month of treatments I have had very few, if any, allergy symptoms. The whole experience has been so stress free. Everyone is always in good moods. They act like friends instead of clients. I am always seen on time with very little wait for Dr. Page to come in. I never dread my appointments because I know I am going to be seen in a timely manner and treated like family. Thank everyone on my behalf for seeing to all my allergy related issues. It is such a pleasure to come see all of you. If I am ever given the chance to tell people about allergy treatments The Allergy Center is always at the top of my list.